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Haze Preys
20 June, 2013, 7:04 pm
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The unison theme that Singaporeans feels towards Singapore’s worst environmental crisis:

We are victims of the haze.
We are victims of the pollution from the forest fires.
We are victims of the Indonesian farmers who carried out this slash and burns.

People are falling sick, daily routines are disrupted and so on – we expect some kind of compensation or at least understanding from Indonesia. Instead, we were provoked:

“Earlier, he [a senior Indonesian minister] told reporters that Singapore said nothing when there was fresh air, but complained about the occasional haze.” (The Straits Times, 2013)

It makes me mad thinking about these words but suddenly a thought came, “Am I not guilty of not protecting our earth too?” I can choose to react to this situation in two ways: I can get all upset and annoyed at the farmers, at the minister, or whoever contributed to the haze, or I can start looking at myself and correct the ways that I have harmed the earth.

When I was in Siem Reap queueing for a public toilet, there is a light bulb installed in each cubicle so that it would not be dark. As usual at the ladies, there was long queue. My  habits tells me to be considerate and leave the lights on for the next person. There was a Cambodian lady, she switched the lights off after she got out of the cubicle. I thought the next Cambodian lady in line would be pissed because she was being “inconsiderate”, causing her trouble to turn on the lights again. But she wasn’t.

I’m not saying to follow exactly what the Cambodian lady did but to have that value that she has, to keep conservation at the top of our mind, doing it out of love for our earth. If not, it will just get so tiring of trying to do things right and get judgmental if others don’t.

It is our earth, not just yours or mine. It is a shared environment with limited resources. We got to stop being selfish and stop feeding our comfort because our appetite for comfort can only keep increasing. If it decreases, that means stepping out of our comfort zone.

Do your part; every individual’s effort makes a collective effort which then makes a difference.

(Some ideas for conservation: I’ve learnt from my Brazilian friend last year to avoid using straws because plastic harms the environment and a cup/glass/mug serves its function for drinking, so why the need for straws?)


Is Glee Project not so welcoming of people’s individuality afterall?
5 May, 2012, 2:50 am
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Only recently then I discovered Glee Project Season 1. I know it’s pretty lag but I guess it takes some time for American TV to be aired in Singapore. Today, I watched the first episode as it was the only episode that is free on Mio TV. Cameron Mitchell caught my eyes as his voice had a special blend of both my favourite singers – James Morrison and Jason Mraz, and his falsettos are just amazing. I really like the whole idea of how Glee Project attracts different people and provides people with opportunities that they could never dream of. It redefines media and spreads the message that viewers need not be attracted by model-good-looking people but instead, brings in people of different sizes, height, looks, etc. However, Cameron’s decision to leave the show because of his belief reflects the irony of Glee. Due to Glee’s consistent use of sexual content, it has eliminated people with beliefs like Cameron’s to not be comfortable to be who they are if they were to be casted in the show. I am glad this happened as it reflects a group of people that Ryan Murphy has overlooked and he should rethink about the constant use of sex to sell the show and allow people like Cameron to not struggle being who they are. Besides, is this not what Glee is all about?

Monkeys Can Cook Too
24 May, 2009, 12:58 am
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Guanyu showed me this video from YouTube. I didn’t know monkeys can be this smart! So I think now restaurants and food stalls can start hiring monkeys to cook and cut cost. Just ensure they observe hygiene in the kitchen and I think the food will turn out to be the same. But people will have to take some time to adapt to these new chefs.

Anyway, JK said something so apt when I showed him the video:

“Monkey see, monkey do.”


Non-Price Competition
21 October, 2008, 12:12 pm
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My Economics teacher told me that the best form of advertisement is actually to make comparison with other competitors. Too bad this cannot be broadcasted on television if not the consequences of displaying the opponents’ flaws will be complicated. But it helps us, consumers, to make better choices and also acts as a wake up call for the opponents that they should be making improvements on their products. This way, everyone benefits, isn’t it? So why not have more of such commericals? Though there will be a need for administrators to filter out the advertisements that are reporting false information about the opponents. However, there are commericials that are overthrowing the opponents not based on concrete reasons but personal preference. That is something to prevent and I say, it has lesser impact in affecting consumer choices. Here you go, the different commercials.


Pepsi V.S. Coca Cola


Mac V.S. PC

Seven Deadly Sins: Lust
21 September, 2008, 12:17 am
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How scary it is to see many people around displaying such enthusiasm for lust. Taglines you see everywhere that say, “Follow your heart”, “Oh don’t it just feels so right”, “Listen to your heart” and what not.


I saw a show on MTV the other day which was about two couples going on a blind date while their friends were the audience and critics of that date. In the process, their friends were given the permission to text them anytime to comment on the progress of the date and allowed to request for more “action”. One date moved towards mutual attraction and the other, one sided disgust. The attraction was due to the liking for each other’s “hot” bodies. (I really wonder what if they do end up as lifelong partners. More botox to maintain that “hotness”?) They’ll surely lose interest in each other if the attraction is so shallow. The other date had disgust due to the guy’s disinterest in the woman’s bony figure. How sad it is to see that people are judged for their looks and are shaken in their self-esteem just because the world do not accept their physical appearance. An appearance that no one can choose since birth. As the show proceeds, the audience just got so entertained by their friends responding to their requests. Requests such as to make out. The participants actually responded and their friends were happy for them. What kind of happiness is that based on? Happiness for their friends to feel accepted by another person just because of that intimate action? Pfft. If the feeling is so right at that moment, is it going to be just as right as any other moment, or even forever? Too many divorces these days. Too many adulteries committed. Knowing how much emotional turmoil it will cause, why do people not learn from other people’s mistakes but instead repeat them?


My take on being involved in a relationship is not to please my sinful human nature. To tell the world, “Look, don’t judge me, I’m just like you! I fit in!” No. I live for a higher purpose. When two get together, the purpose should simply be to support each other in their walk with God. Once this is the focus, I believe all things else will fall into place.


“Lust is meeting the needs of self at the expense of others. Love is meeting the needs of others at the expense of self.” – Ps Thomas

4 Wheels Football
2 June, 2008, 11:41 pm
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I saw this advertisement in Marina Square the other day. Really a brilliant way to prove that the car is good enough to withstand all that madness. If only there was such a sport! I wish there was some tournament for this. I really wonder how things are going get competitive and imagine what vehicle would the referee use.

Education System Going 24/7
28 May, 2008, 5:04 pm
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What happens if the government decides to set up morning and night sessions of schooling to meet the needs of morning and night people respectively? I personally can see many advantages of it.


This will definitely maximise each person’s ability to study and absorb the knowledge that they are capable of and counters the problem/whines we often hear, “I’m just not a morning person!”. With the country having to run 24/7 (ie. streetlights, public services, etc. operating non-stop), it will reduce the crime rate as there will no longer be quiet and dangerous nights with more people awake. Economically, it is brilliant too as production and consumption in the country will never stop! (Wow, can you imagine?) Now, night shifts are never lonely again. Nurses, forex dealers, security guards, hotel managers (and the list just goes on), will not dread another night shift that they are cursed with. After this system ripens, these students who undergone the night education are nurtured to be at their best at night and with Singapore’s IR coming up, we surely need more nocturnals. Customer services and helplines especially, will operate 24/7 and people will have greater confidence in the night shifts people for they know, it is not another slacker, dozing off on the job.


Inevitably, there are just a few bad effects of this of course. There will no longer be peaceful nights, but think about it, even the afternoons when the city is still awake, seem to be quite sleepy too. Therefore, the morning breed’s sleep will not be affected. Also, a really weird division between the morning and night people will form, but fret not! With facebook and more healthy online interaction, eventually these two species will be able to meet. Unfortunately, the excitement of staying up through the night will be lost since the owls will say “No big deal, I’ve been doing that my whole life.”


And the question, “So how do you know if you’re a morning or night person at such a young age?” Well I say, this system can just start after the primary or lower secondary education and the true nocturnal will suffer slight “jet lag” if he or she decides to take the path of the night clan.


If such a revolution happens, the new generation will greet each other with “Hey, I’m from morning. How about you?” or “Eh, morning night? I morning.” (That is if our Singlish culture survives till then)