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Hashtag Sharp
12 September, 2013, 4:36 pm
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I truly believe that no youth should be taken away a chance of pursuing music because of financial constrains. I’ve started an initiative. #sharp is a free music class for youths who do not have have the means to have such a class. Using music as a mentoring opportunity – through the class, youths will be able to make friends with mentors, creating a healthy role model in their lives. Based in Singapore. Share it with your friends and I hope people who need this programme will be connected to #sharp.


Size of Lip Plate Defines Bride Price
22 October, 2009, 2:11 pm
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Rape As Punishment
21 November, 2008, 12:24 am
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Rape incidents in prison are so much taken for granted by prisoners and the general public alike that few have considered the historical or sociological aspects of the practice.

It has often been said that prison staff tacitly tolerate prison rapes as a form of control. Whether they are consciously aware of it or not, they are simply following a long historical tradition of rape as punishment.

In the Arab countries, for centuries, an intruding man caught in the harem was turned over to the slaves to be used for their sexual pleasure. Rape of captive soldiers in war was common amongst Arabs, Persians, Greeks, and Romans. The tradition apparently continues, with a recent report of the International Commission of Jurists in Geneva documenting the rape of numerous teenage Palestinian boys in Israeli military detention centers, as part of both punishment and interrogation routines.

In England, as well as in the early American years, prisoners left in the stocks or pillory overnight were often raped. The punishment was virtually an invitation to rape, with the prisoner firmly anchored and unable to turn his head to see who was behind him.

The general knowledge of such assaults occurring would suggest that judges were just as aware that they were imposing rape as punishment as were Arab harem keepers who more directly imposed rape as punishment.

In the modern era, prison administrators have often been accused of tolerating, and sometimes deliberately creating, rape situations. In addition to the punishment aspect, prison staff have better control of the population by tacitly consenting to rapes. On the one hand, there is the threat of being placed in a rape vulnerable position, and on the other hand it is a way of keeping the more aggressive prisoners calm and happy, since if they weren’t raping they might be rioting. Even in prisons where rapes are rare or nonexistent, there is the constant threat of being transferred to a prison where rape is common–a threat which is sometimes made outright by staff.

The practice is international. One Middle Eastern country having large numbers of Americans arrested on drug charges, officially punishes disciplinary infractions within the prison by chaining one ankle to the bed for 24 hours. The official explanation is that for that day he is being punished by being restricted to bed and is not able to wander around using the various recreational facilities and television. The true situation is that by being chained to the bed, the real punishment is that the prisoner is unable to defend himself and is available all day to any of his 150 dormitory mates who might want to rape him, and that almost all would want to. That is why the punishment is only for one day.

In America, judges frequently sentence a young first offender to a very short prison term, such as 30 to 90 days, followed by five or more years of probation. One must wonder when this is done if the judge hasn’t sent to criminal to prison just long enough to ensure that he is raped before release. Although there is no direct link between these sentences and rape as punishment, one must assume that most judges are aware of the general rape situation in American prisons, and the almost certainty that such a prisoner will be raped. It may be less direct than an overnight sentence to the stocks or pillory, but the unspoken sentence of rape is still there.

Our society is carrying on the long historical tradition of rape as punishment–but is forgetting the dangers that these sexually abused young men create when they are released back into society. Unfortunately, so few are willing to come out and admit to having been raped that they only help the trend to continue.


What kind of punishment is this? The part on keeping aggressive prisoners calm and happy, I think it is just an excuse! I believe there are other better and healthier measures to take than resorting to rape. What good will it do to both the victims of rape and rapists? Rapists will just fall into the trap of sexual sin while the victims will hold on to that shameful act for the rest of his life, unable to fully raise up his head and walk. So glad there is an organisation trying to put an end to such absurd act – Stop Prisoner Rape. I pray that one day all these will come to an end despite its long history and people’s mentality may have settled that it is just another strange tradition of the past.


Reference: Rape As Punishment

Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony
22 September, 2008, 10:39 pm
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Gluttony, like lust, is the desire for something that does not give permanent fulfilment. The only difference is that the world promotes lust but condemns gluttons. (We should really love one another regardless of the person’s sins.) One should never place food as god. Instead, food should be a tool to give sustenance to the physical body that God has given to us. To me, the consequences of gluttony does not cause that strong of a rippling effect as lust causes. (Perhaps it does. Just that I do not know any at the moment.) Or rather, because of the world’s forbidden perspective towards gluttons that prevents most from falling into this trap of gluttony so the adverse effects are not distinct. By this people are motivated to stay away from gluttony. However, it is for the wrong purpose, that is to be accepted by people who judge others for their size. From what I read from Wikipedia,  gluttony is considered a sin because of the excessive desire for food, or its withholding from the needy. I guess it is true to some extent.

Seven Deadly Sins: Lust
21 September, 2008, 12:17 am
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How scary it is to see many people around displaying such enthusiasm for lust. Taglines you see everywhere that say, “Follow your heart”, “Oh don’t it just feels so right”, “Listen to your heart” and what not.


I saw a show on MTV the other day which was about two couples going on a blind date while their friends were the audience and critics of that date. In the process, their friends were given the permission to text them anytime to comment on the progress of the date and allowed to request for more “action”. One date moved towards mutual attraction and the other, one sided disgust. The attraction was due to the liking for each other’s “hot” bodies. (I really wonder what if they do end up as lifelong partners. More botox to maintain that “hotness”?) They’ll surely lose interest in each other if the attraction is so shallow. The other date had disgust due to the guy’s disinterest in the woman’s bony figure. How sad it is to see that people are judged for their looks and are shaken in their self-esteem just because the world do not accept their physical appearance. An appearance that no one can choose since birth. As the show proceeds, the audience just got so entertained by their friends responding to their requests. Requests such as to make out. The participants actually responded and their friends were happy for them. What kind of happiness is that based on? Happiness for their friends to feel accepted by another person just because of that intimate action? Pfft. If the feeling is so right at that moment, is it going to be just as right as any other moment, or even forever? Too many divorces these days. Too many adulteries committed. Knowing how much emotional turmoil it will cause, why do people not learn from other people’s mistakes but instead repeat them?


My take on being involved in a relationship is not to please my sinful human nature. To tell the world, “Look, don’t judge me, I’m just like you! I fit in!” No. I live for a higher purpose. When two get together, the purpose should simply be to support each other in their walk with God. Once this is the focus, I believe all things else will fall into place.


“Lust is meeting the needs of self at the expense of others. Love is meeting the needs of others at the expense of self.” – Ps Thomas

Innovation Or Hamster-Inspired?
1 September, 2008, 12:04 am
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I think it is really sadistic for a kid to be trapped in a big balloon and still unable to free himself or herself despite all that running.


Some kids just have a whale of a time “splashing” on the water without getting wet:


Some just crumble with bad thoughts, thinking that they are cut off from the world and end up sour and in tears:

This poor girl here especially. Her parents excitedly lead her into the balloon and as soon as she got into the waters, the balloon started floating futher and further away from them. Suddenly aware of the trouble she encountered, she crawled as fast as she could but the balloon just rotated on the spot. In the end she broke down in tears. How cruel is that? Finally the man in-charged walked over (the waters was shallow you see) and pulled the balloon ashore.


Yay, back to Mummy and Daddy.

World’s Future Ideal Appearance
20 June, 2008, 12:09 am
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My GP teacher once told me that now in Japan, males will look up to other males if he can fit into his girlfriend’s blouse. In other words, the skinnier you are, the more honourable you will be. This is just too gross. If this is true, I believe that in a few years time, the world will perceive this same idea. It just a matter of time and I wonder how the media is going to portray this until it infiltrates and corrodes the mind of people. Now I understand why elderly folks squint their eyes in disgust whenever they see a stick-thin woman. To the world, this is right size you should be, but to them, this woman is not productive and will never bear a child, let alone, a son to carry on the family line. I guess in the future I will be like these folks, rolling my eyes whenever I see a male that resembles a praying mantis in his girlfriend’s outfit.