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I want to ride my bicycle!
24 May, 2009, 1:03 am
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Thanks to Job for putting this tune bug into my ear last night. But it was quite appropriate because I was going to cycle at Pulau Ubin the next morning.

SO, before you think of night cycling, try out cycling at Pulau Ubin first. (I wanted to do night cycling so badly, but after today, I doubt I have the staminar.) The slopes are not as steep as the roads outside but it is still THE killer and after everything, you get butt pains.

The view I had while cycling:

(I don’t expect you to watch the whole thing, but last few seconds, 9:16 onwards, you can catch my dad doing a stunt – cycling without both hands!)

Anyway, the clouds were exceptionally pretty today. Some clouds were even lower than the rest. Feels like you are in the mountains.

View of the clouds:

Oh, and things to beware of while cycling in Pulau Ubin. The beaten tracks are quite bumpy. There was a young boy who was not that experienced, slammed the break and flew off the bike. He dislocated his arm after that. Good thing the ambulance came but I THINK, he still had to take a boat back to Singapore. Also, the routes do not have barrier. If you cycle out of it, which I almost did because I was too caught up in preventing the video camera from falling off, you either cycle into the trees, or roll down a slope. (Mine was roll down a slope. Thank God I quickly redirected my bicyle to the centre of the track before I went of track. PHEW!) Lastly, beware of little commandos who yell at slow cyclist and use their towels to whip you unreasonably. I got a video of one:


4 Wheels Football
2 June, 2008, 11:41 pm
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I saw this advertisement in Marina Square the other day. Really a brilliant way to prove that the car is good enough to withstand all that madness. If only there was such a sport! I wish there was some tournament for this. I really wonder how things are going get competitive and imagine what vehicle would the referee use.