lovely diacritic?

Only By Grace
29 August, 2008, 12:24 am
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Have you ever been caught in a situation where you have a major exam coming up and yet you are down with a bug that strips you off the concentration to study, the ability to retain what you have studied and the confidence to do well for your exam?


I have, and it was just this week. Having my last two papers in a day plus a fever and a killing diarrhoea kind of sensation, I really had NO choice but to sink into my bed and allow the thoughts of doing badly for the papers to haunt me. Furthermore, my classmates only had ONE paper left, which means that they had spent more time preparing for it. Thus, their grades will surely far exceed mine. BUT, in that kind of situation I chose to turn to God. Having no physical health to carry on and feel like I am done for, I took His hands and trusted in Him to pull me through the papers. On top of that, I am thankful for the friends around me who prayed for me too.


During that similar paper, I was still experiencing pain and that caused me to fumble in my thinking processes and concentration span. It was really a hindrance to me. The next day, (how advanced technology is to mark the papers so quickly.) I got back the script and boy! I was the top of my class for that subject.  (Do not have the idea that I am always the top) And that paper was really a miracle for the marks I got was almost twice of my classmates.  See how amazing God works?


Furthermore, a miracle happened for my second paper too. It was Music Paper. The same night that I was all sick on my bed, I still listened to the tracks on my MP3 player to do the least I could to be mentally prepared. Out of three topics I could listen on, I chose one and out of all the tracks in that topic, a particular one, which usually never stood out to me, appealed to me just that night. I just kept listening over and over again. Little did I know it was the track that was tested for the paper! How wonderful is that! I believe that this is beyond coincidence and it is surely by God’s grace to pull me through both papers despite my sickness that night.  


When the situation seems like there is no way out, He never fails to take control of the problem and just lead you through it. I am glad that through my situation, God’s power is unveiled and that is why I want to share it with you to testify that God is greater than all the problems that you think is already humongous.