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Character = Identity?
2 February, 2011, 11:30 am
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My character doesn’t equate to my identity.

I’m like a steward of my character. If people praise me for good character, I give glory to God. If people gives me constructive criticism to my character, I humbly accept the correction. I don’t need to get too full of myself or offended when these happen because these feedbacks do not change my identity. My identity remains the same – a child of God.

My character doesn’t determine my identity. My identity determines my character.

Since my identity is founded in Christ, my character will slowly be changed and moulded into Christ-likeness.


Truth + Love
23 April, 2010, 8:28 am
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Divine Yinyong (鸳鸯)
Love and truth seem to be like tea and coffee – you have one or the other, but not both. Let’s think about the possible combinations.
Truth – love = insensitive Perhaps you know someone who is free with their opinions but delivers them in an ugly way. They may well speak truth (and at lengthy detail) but they do it in a graceless way without respect to timing, audience, manner and purpose. Perhaps they are trying to ‘score’ a point against you, lack EQ or are unknowingly trying to bolster their insecurity with a ‘win’. This is ugly and never more so when it is religious truth. God’s cause is invariably harmed, not helped, when someone pushes their truth about of God on us without love.
Love – truth = indulgent Others may go to the opposite possibility. This is the person who avoids certain topics, withholds their real views or presents a false view in an effort to make and keep peace. Perhaps this person craves acceptance or avoids conflict so much that it’s a case of peace at any price. Or perhaps they are repelled, or have been bullied, by graceless truth. Or maybe they have a mistaken idea of what tolerance means.
Whatever the roots, love without truth is bound to end in tears. A peace created without truth is apt to be short-lived, for truth invariably comes out. Again, if we start avoiding certain topics to preserve peace we may end up with nothing to talk about apart from the weather. Something else: is it really loving to suppress the truth that makes people free and whole?
Where do we go with this? Let’s go back to tea and coffee. Have you tried yinyong? It is a Hong Kong mix of tea and coffee that makes a delightful combination. Likewise, godly love and truth make a delightful combination. Love + truth = inspired Consider these words: Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the head, that is Christ (Eph 4:15).
These words were written about relations between church members, but they apply more widely. Our personal integrity, our love for others and our love for God compel us to speak only truth, even if it is uncomfortable truth. However, those same forces should compel us to speak the truth in love as to audience, manner, intent and timing.
None shows us this better than Jesus. His dealings with people show a consistent combination of love and truth. Let us do the same and thus show ourselves to be children of he who came to bring ‘grace and truth’ from God (Jn 1:14).


Non-Price Competition
21 October, 2008, 12:12 pm
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My Economics teacher told me that the best form of advertisement is actually to make comparison with other competitors. Too bad this cannot be broadcasted on television if not the consequences of displaying the opponents’ flaws will be complicated. But it helps us, consumers, to make better choices and also acts as a wake up call for the opponents that they should be making improvements on their products. This way, everyone benefits, isn’t it? So why not have more of such commericals? Though there will be a need for administrators to filter out the advertisements that are reporting false information about the opponents. However, there are commericials that are overthrowing the opponents not based on concrete reasons but personal preference. That is something to prevent and I say, it has lesser impact in affecting consumer choices. Here you go, the different commercials.


Pepsi V.S. Coca Cola


Mac V.S. PC

Innovation Or Hamster-Inspired?
1 September, 2008, 12:04 am
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I think it is really sadistic for a kid to be trapped in a big balloon and still unable to free himself or herself despite all that running.


Some kids just have a whale of a time “splashing” on the water without getting wet:


Some just crumble with bad thoughts, thinking that they are cut off from the world and end up sour and in tears:

This poor girl here especially. Her parents excitedly lead her into the balloon and as soon as she got into the waters, the balloon started floating futher and further away from them. Suddenly aware of the trouble she encountered, she crawled as fast as she could but the balloon just rotated on the spot. In the end she broke down in tears. How cruel is that? Finally the man in-charged walked over (the waters was shallow you see) and pulled the balloon ashore.


Yay, back to Mummy and Daddy.