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The 46 Year Pregnancy
6 March, 2010, 12:04 am
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Was watching Discovery Channel Home & Health and they were showing this interesting story about this lady who was pregnant for 46 years.

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That UK Flag T-shirt
23 February, 2010, 10:37 pm
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I was attending The Edge conference and was staying over at my childhood’s friend’s place since it is nearby. So I brought along only a few clothes for that short stay. On the 3rd day of conference while I was preparing to leave the house, I changed into this top that has the flag of UK. (An example of the shirt can be seen below. Grabbed from google images) So while i was taking out this shirt from my luggage, the thought strike me, “you are going to see someone wearing this shirt today.” I was like… okay… weird…. and whatever.

At the edge conference, it was Matthew Barnette speaking. I think he was speaking about your destiny that God called you to pursue. During ministry time he got the whole congregation to go up for ministry. so everyone went. He said stuff during ministry like “someone’s going to US… someone’s going to this place… someone’s going to be…” The day before, also during ministry, he did the same thing by getting everyone down to the altar. He said “someone’s going to South Africa to set up a business.” I was like yeah that’s me man. So cool. Set up business in S. Africa… That’s definitely me since I’m from SMU. Singapore MANAGEMENT Uni. So he was repeating these words again at the ministry. So this time the altar call about destiny, I went up thinking, “yes i know God, You called me to family counseling already. (It’s another testimony how God called me to be a Family Counselor) I know my destiny. But here I am, expecting to hear what more You wanna say.” Again Barnette was saying “someone’s going to be a pastor. someone’s going to South Africa.” “I was like yah… that’s me, you said it yesterday. I know.” Then after he said someone’s going to South Africa, he said “someone’s going to Australia.” As soon as I heard that, I cried. I just couldn’t stop crying. I was like what’s wrong with me??! It’s just a word Australia.

Then while I was crying, everything else blur out. Barnette’s voice blurred out, my awareness of people around me blurred out. So I started looking around the hall. Then I saw, the girl with a white UK print top! I was like okay…. “i knew that.” and “freaky!” After i came back to “awareness”, Barnette challenged people to walk up to the stage to declare what they heard God speaking. He pointed in several directions that he feels someone has heard God spoke. One of the directions was in my direction. I felt like he was pointing at me. I felt this tugging to go up but I was hesitant because there were about 100++ people infront of me! So jam packed. Had loads of “what ifs” in my head. What if I squeeze through the 100+ people and by the time i reach there ministry is over. What if all these are just emotions, i’m just crying for fun and it isn’t God speaking. etc. After several people went up, he closed the time and ended the service. I realised that NO ONE from my direction, NO ONE from the 100+ people infront went up to declare! The ones who went up were from all different parts of the congregation except mine.

Later on in the afternoon, we were sitting in an afternoon workshop. I wanted to tell people about what I experienced at ministry. The person I wanted to tell first was my brother since it’s just me that I need to tell things to my family first. But I was afraid like what if isn’t God and it’s just me crying for fun at the ministry. So during the workshop, while taking notes, sitting beside my brother, I started to draw Australia flag. I was carrying a multi colour pen so I could fill in the colours too.

Strangely, I couldn’t draw the top left hand corner of the flag! I just didn’t know what was inside. So i asked my brother, what’s in that corner. He was like dont know. That’s weird because he’s a pro at flags. When he was younger he had a chart of flags and their names and he even can draw the weirdest flag like saudi arabia. Now is just australia flag like how could he not know?! So oh well. forgot about it, didn’t tell anyone.

When i reached home i eagerly searched on google. The top left hand corner was actually…

UK flag. The same UK flag on the top i wore at the altar. The same UK flag top I saw the girl wearing.

Too much coincidences I thought. But i was still like, NO. This isn’t from God. I was telling Him, God i want you to show me from the scripture that “you are going Australia.” Obviously that’s impossible. Instead He gave me the word from Deuteronomy 7. The whole chapter spoke to me.

zooming in to v7
The LORD did not set His love on you nor choose you because you were more in number than any other people, for you were the least of all peoples;

I really felt inadequate to be called in the area of family counseling because I do not have the most perfect family in the world to be able go out there and counsel other people’s family. But this verse simply encourages me sooo much.¬†And the rest of the verses, v12 – 26, is about blessings of obedience.

So i was like okay, i know it’s from You God.

Few days later then came Youth Camp.

The first night Jeremy Seaward message was about True freedom. During altar call, he gave an opportunity for people to DECLARE WHAT DESTINY GOD IS CALLING. I was like, “oh man… not again?! i’m totally not saying. NOT SAYING!!! blah blah blah blah.” (acting like a child trying to block out the naggings of its parents) then after a few people declared, i was like ok. looks like You want me to declare huh. Like declaring is to make a statement so that my destiny isn’t just a moment of encounter. By declaring it’s like making a promise that you will pursue it. Okay then. Do or die. So I just sayed “Family Counselling. Australia.” After the session Shalyn said she got the strength to declare her destiny was because she felt soooo much strength from me when I said that. I didn’t even realise. That was really encouraging to hear.

So for now I’m still waiting on the Lord because I don’t know when am i going Australia. For how long am i going Australia. and for what purpose am i going Australia for. But it’s been an exciting journey to see what God has installed for me! ūüôā I’m so in awe to see how the Holy Spirit, the Word and God work together in my life.

Size of Lip Plate Defines Bride Price
22 October, 2009, 2:11 pm
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The wonders of language
22 August, 2009, 10:58 pm
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While my mum was watching the news just now, I had my back to the TV and I suddenly turned around and exclaimed “cheese!” when I heard an Italia interviewee saying “formaggio”, which means cheese in Italian. My mum was like “Ya… cheese. That’s what they have been saying in the news. ru lao.”

And I said, “Oh, I didn’t know ru lao is cheese in Mandarin.”

Sigh, 19 years of education in Mandarin, 6 months of education in Italian.

The amazing thing is, I didn’t even force myself to memorise the Italian vocabulary that I was taught yet a picture of cheese popped into my head as soon as I heard “formaggio”.

Somehow learning language isn’t taught, but caught.

The wonders of language.

The Weather Must Be Crazy
23 April, 2009, 12:15 am
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¬†31¬įC at alost midnight?! How about daytime? Gosh, effects of global warming are starting to be so real.


And all of a sudden, there was a strong gush of wind at my house.

Time of Video: 11.32pm




 The weather is indeed crazy these few days.


Anyone care to tell me what is the scientific explanation?


Source: Yahoo! Weather




Japan’s Train During Peak Periods
17 February, 2009, 12:20 am
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Back in 1991:

Recently in 2008:

Rape As Punishment
21 November, 2008, 12:24 am
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Rape incidents in prison are so much taken for granted by prisoners and the general public alike that few have considered the historical or sociological aspects of the practice.

It has often been said that prison staff tacitly tolerate prison rapes as a form of control. Whether they are consciously aware of it or not, they are simply following a long historical tradition of rape as punishment.

In the Arab countries, for centuries, an intruding man caught in the harem was turned over to the slaves to be used for their sexual pleasure. Rape of captive soldiers in war was common amongst Arabs, Persians, Greeks, and Romans. The tradition apparently continues, with a recent report of the International Commission of Jurists in Geneva documenting the rape of numerous teenage Palestinian boys in Israeli military detention centers, as part of both punishment and interrogation routines.

In England, as well as in the early American years, prisoners left in the stocks or pillory overnight were often raped. The punishment was virtually an invitation to rape, with the prisoner firmly anchored and unable to turn his head to see who was behind him.

The general knowledge of such assaults occurring would suggest that judges were just as aware that they were imposing rape as punishment as were Arab harem keepers who more directly imposed rape as punishment.

In the modern era, prison administrators have often been accused of tolerating, and sometimes deliberately creating, rape situations. In addition to the punishment aspect, prison staff have better control of the population by tacitly consenting to rapes. On the one hand, there is the threat of being placed in a rape vulnerable position, and on the other hand it is a way of keeping the more aggressive prisoners calm and happy, since if they weren’t raping they might be rioting. Even in prisons where rapes are rare or nonexistent, there is the constant threat of being transferred to a prison where rape is common–a threat which is sometimes made outright by staff.

The practice is international. One Middle Eastern country having large numbers of Americans arrested on drug charges, officially punishes disciplinary infractions within the prison by chaining one ankle to the bed for 24 hours. The official explanation is that for that day he is being punished by being restricted to bed and is not able to wander around using the various recreational facilities and television. The true situation is that by being chained to the bed, the real punishment is that the prisoner is unable to defend himself and is available all day to any of his 150 dormitory mates who might want to rape him, and that almost all would want to. That is why the punishment is only for one day.

In America, judges frequently sentence a young first offender to a very short prison term, such as 30 to 90 days, followed by five or more years of probation. One must wonder when this is done if the judge hasn’t sent to criminal to prison just long enough to ensure that he is raped before release. Although there is no direct link between these sentences and rape as punishment, one must assume that most judges are aware of the general rape situation in American prisons, and the almost certainty that such a prisoner will be raped. It may be less direct than an overnight sentence to the stocks or pillory, but the unspoken sentence of rape is still there.

Our society is carrying on the long historical tradition of rape as punishment–but is forgetting the dangers that these sexually abused young men create when they are released back into society. Unfortunately, so few are willing to come out and admit to having been raped that they only help the trend to continue.


What kind of punishment is this? The part on keeping aggressive prisoners calm and happy, I think it is just an excuse! I believe there are other better and healthier measures to take than resorting to rape. What good will it do to both the victims of rape and rapists? Rapists will just fall into the trap of sexual sin while the victims will¬†hold on to that shameful act for the rest of his life, unable to fully raise up his head and walk. So glad there is an organisation trying to put an end to such absurd act – Stop Prisoner Rape. I pray that one day all these will come to an end despite¬†its long history and people’s mentality may have settled that it is just another strange tradition of the past.


Reference: Rape As Punishment