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Truth + Love
23 April, 2010, 8:28 am
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Divine Yinyong (鸳鸯)
Love and truth seem to be like tea and coffee – you have one or the other, but not both. Let’s think about the possible combinations.
Truth – love = insensitive Perhaps you know someone who is free with their opinions but delivers them in an ugly way. They may well speak truth (and at lengthy detail) but they do it in a graceless way without respect to timing, audience, manner and purpose. Perhaps they are trying to ‘score’ a point against you, lack EQ or are unknowingly trying to bolster their insecurity with a ‘win’. This is ugly and never more so when it is religious truth. God’s cause is invariably harmed, not helped, when someone pushes their truth about of God on us without love.
Love – truth = indulgent Others may go to the opposite possibility. This is the person who avoids certain topics, withholds their real views or presents a false view in an effort to make and keep peace. Perhaps this person craves acceptance or avoids conflict so much that it’s a case of peace at any price. Or perhaps they are repelled, or have been bullied, by graceless truth. Or maybe they have a mistaken idea of what tolerance means.
Whatever the roots, love without truth is bound to end in tears. A peace created without truth is apt to be short-lived, for truth invariably comes out. Again, if we start avoiding certain topics to preserve peace we may end up with nothing to talk about apart from the weather. Something else: is it really loving to suppress the truth that makes people free and whole?
Where do we go with this? Let’s go back to tea and coffee. Have you tried yinyong? It is a Hong Kong mix of tea and coffee that makes a delightful combination. Likewise, godly love and truth make a delightful combination. Love + truth = inspired Consider these words: Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the head, that is Christ (Eph 4:15).
These words were written about relations between church members, but they apply more widely. Our personal integrity, our love for others and our love for God compel us to speak only truth, even if it is uncomfortable truth. However, those same forces should compel us to speak the truth in love as to audience, manner, intent and timing.
None shows us this better than Jesus. His dealings with people show a consistent combination of love and truth. Let us do the same and thus show ourselves to be children of he who came to bring ‘grace and truth’ from God (Jn 1:14).



Searching for True Love
27 October, 2009, 10:02 pm
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My MC prof showed this in class today to give us a good example of good public speaking. But clearly there was a deeper message behind, especially for us students in the stage of searching for a life partner.

Anyway, just a fun fact. Did you know that the term “BGR” is only used by Singaporeans? My Prof told us that and the Singaporeans couldn’t believe it! The international students in class were like, what’s BGR? Business Government Relationship? (Since there is a module in my school called BGS – Business, Government and Society)

Back to the deep message about true love that I was talking about, I encourage all of you to watch all five parts of the video. It’s really wise and I am convicted that this IS true love.

God bless you. 🙂

Seven Deadly Sins: Lust
21 September, 2008, 12:17 am
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How scary it is to see many people around displaying such enthusiasm for lust. Taglines you see everywhere that say, “Follow your heart”, “Oh don’t it just feels so right”, “Listen to your heart” and what not.


I saw a show on MTV the other day which was about two couples going on a blind date while their friends were the audience and critics of that date. In the process, their friends were given the permission to text them anytime to comment on the progress of the date and allowed to request for more “action”. One date moved towards mutual attraction and the other, one sided disgust. The attraction was due to the liking for each other’s “hot” bodies. (I really wonder what if they do end up as lifelong partners. More botox to maintain that “hotness”?) They’ll surely lose interest in each other if the attraction is so shallow. The other date had disgust due to the guy’s disinterest in the woman’s bony figure. How sad it is to see that people are judged for their looks and are shaken in their self-esteem just because the world do not accept their physical appearance. An appearance that no one can choose since birth. As the show proceeds, the audience just got so entertained by their friends responding to their requests. Requests such as to make out. The participants actually responded and their friends were happy for them. What kind of happiness is that based on? Happiness for their friends to feel accepted by another person just because of that intimate action? Pfft. If the feeling is so right at that moment, is it going to be just as right as any other moment, or even forever? Too many divorces these days. Too many adulteries committed. Knowing how much emotional turmoil it will cause, why do people not learn from other people’s mistakes but instead repeat them?


My take on being involved in a relationship is not to please my sinful human nature. To tell the world, “Look, don’t judge me, I’m just like you! I fit in!” No. I live for a higher purpose. When two get together, the purpose should simply be to support each other in their walk with God. Once this is the focus, I believe all things else will fall into place.


“Lust is meeting the needs of self at the expense of others. Love is meeting the needs of others at the expense of self.” – Ps Thomas

Emily Bear
5 September, 2008, 12:55 am
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Is it not a joy to discover prodigies and see how supportive families can be?