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Character = Identity?
2 February, 2011, 11:30 am
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My character doesn’t equate to my identity.

I’m like a steward of my character. If people praise me for good character, I give glory to God. If people gives me constructive criticism to my character, I humbly accept the correction. I don’t need to get too full of myself or offended when these happen because these feedbacks do not change my identity. My identity remains the same – a child of God.

My character doesn’t determine my identity. My identity determines my character.

Since my identity is founded in Christ, my character will slowly be changed and moulded into Christ-likeness.


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That is to say one who believes in the Biblical God would get molded into people of similar characters?

Comment by Critic with no dia(I do know what a diacritic is)

I believe that we can never be fully Christ-like until the day Jesus comes. Eventually yeah we will all be of same character, but our personality remains different. Eg. One can be forgiving in an extroverted way, the other can be forgiving in an introverted way.

Comment by liatango

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