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Groundbreaking Advertisement
15 December, 2008, 1:36 am
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Shell is really creative to use people to advertise. Though this form of advertisement may be slow, I’m sure  they expected people to take picture and post it on the internet (which is what it is happening now…) and then awareness could be gained. Also, the people involved in this “parade” will talk about their experience with the people around them and on their blogs and greater awareness of their promotion could be done. This is a really cheap form of advertisement and is apt during this time of  the poor economy. I’m sure other companies will soon follow and this form of advertisement will not be so unique for Shell afterall. Nevertheless for now, I think this is super creative and something new for Singaporeans to have on their streets.


Non-Price Competition
21 October, 2008, 12:12 pm
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My Economics teacher told me that the best form of advertisement is actually to make comparison with other competitors. Too bad this cannot be broadcasted on television if not the consequences of displaying the opponents’ flaws will be complicated. But it helps us, consumers, to make better choices and also acts as a wake up call for the opponents that they should be making improvements on their products. This way, everyone benefits, isn’t it? So why not have more of such commericals? Though there will be a need for administrators to filter out the advertisements that are reporting false information about the opponents. However, there are commericials that are overthrowing the opponents not based on concrete reasons but personal preference. That is something to prevent and I say, it has lesser impact in affecting consumer choices. Here you go, the different commercials.


Pepsi V.S. Coca Cola


Mac V.S. PC

Like A Tunnel
17 June, 2008, 12:27 am
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John 16:33

… In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

Jesus did say that in this world, we will have hiccups. But it is through Him that we will not falter. So let us not lose heart and continue to believe in Him.

Walking into a tunnel that is totally pitched dark gives you a sense of vulnerability and instill unnecessary fear in you. With a candle of flame burning in your hands, it guides you, and encourages you to carry on till the end of the tunnel. This is a perfect scene when you are in times of trouble. As you enter, the light from outside will just grow dimmer and negativity sets in. With God your light, He will lead you to the end and not forsake you. In the middle of the tunnel, if you think that there is no light and decided to give up on Him by blowing the candle of hope off, you are simply giving up on yourself. God is actually working a miracle but you cannot see it. As you approach to the end, you will see the light shine brighter and brighter. This is when God’s hand stretches out and all you got to do is to grab hold of that hand and be released from the tunnel of trouble. Therefore, do not blow out that candle of yours, but instead, trust in the Lord and believe that you will be lead out of the tunnel. The purpose of the tunnels in your life are to mould you into a better person for character is the only thing you can bring with you to heaven.


This can be graphically illustrated with the well-known, J-Curve.


Except that the y-axis should be represented with “the light you see from the tunnel” instead of, erm, “balance of payment”. Therefore, do not give up and believe that your graph will make a turning point too and shoot up to its fullest.


Even Josh Groban has a song about this.


And yes, God hears and loves you.