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Monkeys Can Cook Too
24 May, 2009, 12:58 am
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Guanyu showed me this video from YouTube. I didn’t know monkeys can be this smart! So I think now restaurants and food stalls can start hiring monkeys to cook and cut cost. Just ensure they observe hygiene in the kitchen and I think the food will turn out to be the same. But people will have to take some time to adapt to these new chefs.

Anyway, JK said something so apt when I showed him the video:

“Monkey see, monkey do.”



What sheepherders can do:
28 March, 2009, 12:28 am
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My Sick Fishes
24 January, 2009, 3:23 pm
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My fishes are having equilibrium problem and are swimming upside down.




So thanks to Weijie who found the remedy from the net, I hope my fishes are feeling better in a shallow water tank. Apparently, this helps to ease their discomfort. According to the site, their illness is called Swim Bladder.


So here are my fishes enjoy themselves in their new shallow tank.



See their heads touching the bottom of the tank.



All I have to do now, according to the remedy, is to add a little bit of salt and feed them thawed peeled or chopped peas.


The cause of this could most likely be their food palettes being too dry and they are the floating kind. That is why in the process of eating, my fishes take in too much air thus causing their stomachs to bloat and therefore an unbalance in their equilibrium.


Hopefully after a week or two they will be swimming like how normal fishes do.


Reference: Swim Bladder

Thinking of getting a pet?
30 October, 2008, 2:12 pm
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Have you ever wondered where the animals in the pet stores come from? Always check the origin before getting a pet. Ignoring so will just support the doings of the unpleasant puppy mills. Puppy mills are like dog factories where females just get locked up in cages and make dozens of puppies their whole life. It is just inhuman. A better choice will be to get a pet from a shelter than a pet store. Shelters are usually supported purely based on donations and they are usually limited financially and geographically. If they have used up all resources, they are left with no choice but to resort to euthanasia. Man, it is just unbelievable.



Learnt about Puppy Mills from Oprah Winfrey’s show. This is a clip from the show. Please watch from 4:42 onwards.




Reference: Puppy Mills

Seven Deadly Sins: Greed
24 September, 2008, 11:32 pm
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I recall this fable I read when I was a kid. It was about a dog and a piece of meat.

One sunny day, a dog was fortunate enough to find a large and juicy piece of meat. Happily going his way with the meat in his mouth, the dog reached the side of a stream. Seeing his reflection in the water, the dog believed the image to be that of another dog also holding a piece of meat. Wishing to own the other dog’s meat, he opened his mouth and barked loudly. But just as his jaws came apart, the meat slipped away and fell into the swift waters of the stream.


I guess in certain pursuits in life, always remember to STOP and CHECK if the purpose of the pursuit is wise. If not you never know what consequences might come your way.


Reference: The Dog and the Piece of Meat

Noisy Crows
20 July, 2008, 12:18 am
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This is the time of the year when receives the largest number of reports on crow vocalizations as the socialization process of the young crows continues. It is also the time when the crows begin to form small roosting groups in the evening. Observers may note flights of crows all heading in one direction in late afternoon/evening or gathering in a group in the treetops. These gatherings are generally much smaller that the large winter communal roosts and we presume they serve as a sort of training ground for the sort of social interactions that occur later on when hundreds or thousands of crows gather in one location. One would also presume that the smaller roosts generally are comprised largely of crows closely related to each other by blood or mating and occupying territories adjourning or very close to each other.

Reference: A Crow’s Year