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Is Glee Project not so welcoming of people’s individuality afterall?
5 May, 2012, 2:50 am
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Only recently then I discovered Glee Project Season 1. I know it’s pretty lag but I guess it takes some time for American TV to be aired in Singapore. Today, I watched the first episode as it was the only episode that is free on Mio TV. Cameron Mitchell caught my eyes as his voice had a special blend of both my favourite singers – James Morrison and Jason Mraz, and his falsettos are just amazing. I really like the whole idea of how Glee Project attracts different people and provides people with opportunities that they could never dream of. It redefines media and spreads the message that viewers need not be attracted by model-good-looking people but instead, brings in people of different sizes, height, looks, etc. However, Cameron’s decision to leave the show because of his belief reflects the irony of Glee. Due to Glee’s consistent use of sexual content, it has eliminated people with beliefs like Cameron’s to not be comfortable to be who they are if they were to be casted in the show. I am glad this happened as it reflects a group of people that Ryan Murphy has overlooked and he should rethink about the constant use of sex to sell the show and allow people like Cameron to not struggle being who they are. Besides, is this not what Glee is all about?


Non-Price Competition
21 October, 2008, 12:12 pm
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My Economics teacher told me that the best form of advertisement is actually to make comparison with other competitors. Too bad this cannot be broadcasted on television if not the consequences of displaying the opponents’ flaws will be complicated. But it helps us, consumers, to make better choices and also acts as a wake up call for the opponents that they should be making improvements on their products. This way, everyone benefits, isn’t it? So why not have more of such commericals? Though there will be a need for administrators to filter out the advertisements that are reporting false information about the opponents. However, there are commericials that are overthrowing the opponents not based on concrete reasons but personal preference. That is something to prevent and I say, it has lesser impact in affecting consumer choices. Here you go, the different commercials.


Pepsi V.S. Coca Cola


Mac V.S. PC

Blow Dry
1 July, 2008, 11:26 pm
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I love Starhub advertisements! So far this is the best one I have ever seen. It really brings out the angst of a soccer fanatic and identify with the wives. I felt like it was speaking to me on how I should really not be an irritating sister and daughter of the two soccer freaks at home. Great advertisement!