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Naturally 7
25 June, 2008, 8:32 pm
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This is my distraction of this second, of this day, of this week, of this exam period. *gulps*


The Real Harry Potter’s Daily Prophet?
21 June, 2008, 12:00 am
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I am so glad that scientists are trying to create a similar form of media as Harry Potter’s Daily Prophet. It will be so cool to read the newspaper with animation. I cannot wait to have such a brilliant invention in my hands!

World’s Future Ideal Appearance
20 June, 2008, 12:09 am
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My GP teacher once told me that now in Japan, males will look up to other males if he can fit into his girlfriend’s blouse. In other words, the skinnier you are, the more honourable you will be. This is just too gross. If this is true, I believe that in a few years time, the world will perceive this same idea. It just a matter of time and I wonder how the media is going to portray this until it infiltrates and corrodes the mind of people. Now I understand why elderly folks squint their eyes in disgust whenever they see a stick-thin woman. To the world, this is right size you should be, but to them, this woman is not productive and will never bear a child, let alone, a son to carry on the family line. I guess in the future I will be like these folks, rolling my eyes whenever I see a male that resembles a praying mantis in his girlfriend’s outfit.

Dog Food
17 June, 2008, 9:57 pm
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Recently my aunt went to the supermarket and at the cashier, there was a Taiwanese queueing infront of her.

Taiwanese: “Is this dog meat?” *points at a can of dog food in his hand*


It is scary to see that illegal sales of dog meat in other countries has caused people to think that they are the only ones who forbid the consumption of dog meat. Probably seeing canned dog meat elsewhere is paradise to them. *Shrugs*

Like A Tunnel
17 June, 2008, 12:27 am
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John 16:33

… In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

Jesus did say that in this world, we will have hiccups. But it is through Him that we will not falter. So let us not lose heart and continue to believe in Him.

Walking into a tunnel that is totally pitched dark gives you a sense of vulnerability and instill unnecessary fear in you. With a candle of flame burning in your hands, it guides you, and encourages you to carry on till the end of the tunnel. This is a perfect scene when you are in times of trouble. As you enter, the light from outside will just grow dimmer and negativity sets in. With God your light, He will lead you to the end and not forsake you. In the middle of the tunnel, if you think that there is no light and decided to give up on Him by blowing the candle of hope off, you are simply giving up on yourself. God is actually working a miracle but you cannot see it. As you approach to the end, you will see the light shine brighter and brighter. This is when God’s hand stretches out and all you got to do is to grab hold of that hand and be released from the tunnel of trouble. Therefore, do not blow out that candle of yours, but instead, trust in the Lord and believe that you will be lead out of the tunnel. The purpose of the tunnels in your life are to mould you into a better person for character is the only thing you can bring with you to heaven.


This can be graphically illustrated with the well-known, J-Curve.


Except that the y-axis should be represented with “the light you see from the tunnel” instead of, erm, “balance of payment”. Therefore, do not give up and believe that your graph will make a turning point too and shoot up to its fullest.


Even Josh Groban has a song about this.


And yes, God hears and loves you.

Heeless Heels
5 June, 2008, 12:05 am
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When I saw such brilliant piece of design, the first thing that struck me was that the designer is such a genius! Then the law of Physics came flooding in… (Arts-inclined people please do not switch off!) The designer is so smart to be able to keep the heels at an equilibrium despite a very quick change in the forces that is acting upon it when the person walks. I am pretty amazed because my whole life, I perceived that the heel is the most important part of heels. It is where a lady places her weight on in the process of landing when walking. I guess the downward force in the front is larger than the downward force in the back, that is why the lady does not fall backwards when walking. Is it not amazing? This is, indeed, a breakthrough in the conventional design of heels.

True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments
4 June, 2008, 12:23 am
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C.P.E. Bach – Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments

It is pretty cool to see that even music composers of the classical period published books and not just music. What is even more interesting is that the copy was not lost over the years! Is it not fantastic? C.P.E. Bach is the son of the well known composer, J.S. Bach. By this you can tell that this book does not apply much to the contemporary style of keyboard playing. (Mind you, he is from the 18th century.) Perhaps this will only appeal to those who studys classical music.