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My Sick Fishes
24 January, 2009, 3:23 pm
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My fishes are having equilibrium problem and are swimming upside down.




So thanks to Weijie who found the remedy from the net, I hope my fishes are feeling better in a shallow water tank. Apparently, this helps to ease their discomfort. According to the site, their illness is called Swim Bladder.


So here are my fishes enjoy themselves in their new shallow tank.



See their heads touching the bottom of the tank.



All I have to do now, according to the remedy, is to add a little bit of salt and feed them thawed peeled or chopped peas.


The cause of this could most likely be their food palettes being too dry and they are the floating kind. That is why in the process of eating, my fishes take in too much air thus causing their stomachs to bloat and therefore an unbalance in their equilibrium.


Hopefully after a week or two they will be swimming like how normal fishes do.


Reference: Swim Bladder