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Wee Welcome You
19 April, 2009, 11:51 pm
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That was the wordplay I saw at the NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI) pre-admission reception. I love wordplays.


This reception is the school’s first one. It was held in replacement of conducting interviews to access our applications. I think there are several pros and cons to this change. It is definitely better for us applicants to have a better idea of the school but I am not sure if it is better for the school because they do not have equal contact with all applicants like how interview provides. So applicants have to be like hungry ghosts fighting to win the attention of professors. Personally, I do not like the idea because it is like bootlicking, pleasing the school just to get a place. I like sincerity. Not doing certain things for the sake of doing but doing because you really mean it and it comes from the bottom of your heart. Imagine if you are the sort who did your research and really have nothing to say to the school body, will you still force a question out and ask for the sake of asking so that you are assured that the professors heard you? And whether you impacted them or not, is another worry for some.


Nevertheless, things can be viewed from another perspective. That is, if you are hungry enough for the course, you will do whatever is required and I am pretty sure that is coming from the bottom of your heart. Also in mass communication, things are usually this competitive. You got to fight for the attention of the mass, if not why would they bother hearing what you have to say. But is this always the case in mass communication industry? I wonder.


Anyway, after the reception there was a school tour and it was rather impressive. Although the walls of the school building were dull, with just white walls and blue window and door frames, the facilities kind of offset it. They have state-of-the-art equpiments and the nicest thing I saw was the Spectrum Television Studio. It was pretty cool. Here is some pictures of it:





I love the idea that how such stuff are taught at the university level. It will be so fun! Anyway, before the reception I was disappointed with the standard of their films because the ones I watched on YouTube were way below my expecations. However, during the reception final year project (FYP) films were showcased and they were not as bad. I guess I got to lower my expectations too because afterall, not everyone one of them are majoring in Broadcasting and Cinema Studies (BCS) and even so, they only had the most, 4 years of training.



Anyway, I advice future applicants to fill up the optional write-up portion of the NTU application form. Although it is usually used for discretionary admission to the various faculties, I speculate that it is one way WKWSCI reads to know more about you. Just a speculation. Unfortunately, I did not fill that up because I assumed that there was the interview to access my application. Nevertheless, I am thankful to be shortlisted and was given the opportunity to have a little glimpse of what communication and information studies is really about and was glad to spend it with the one who is extremely (no exaggeration added) passionate about WKWSCI, Yanyu.



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