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What makes a movie great like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”
17 February, 2009, 1:40 am
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It has been a long time since I caught such a good movie. I am so going to buy the DVD. Anyway, what makes a movie great like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”?


Reoccurences of Themes

I totally love having this characteristic in a film. There were so many instances when previously introduced ideas were brought back, giving a sense of unity in the film. One being the most prominent was this old man from the home, who was slightly senile, told Benjamin Button “I got struck by lightning seven times”. This immediately followed with a re-enactment of the accident. Altogether I THINK this scene appeared a total of seven times? I am not too sure, I did not count.

Another idea was to have the camera zooming onto Benjamin’s pair of feet. I think it represents determination in him. It first appeared when Benjamin was trying to stand up to walk after the Priest prayed a healing over him and then appeared when Benjamin was determined to find Daisy while she was going to meet with an accident. I am sure there were other reoccurence that I have yet to discover after only a single watching.


Convincing Background

I think the most difficult background to shoot with would be sunrise or sunset. It is a background that is constantly changing and any delays will just affect the flow. I was very satistifed with this film’s sunrise scene when it looked so convincing. Like the sun did not move a single bit. This was unlike “The Wedding Game”, when the sun moved so significantly and the sky lit so much brighter. Either Brad Pitt and Jason Flemyng had little or no NGs or David Fincher is a perfectionist and wanted to film during the next sunrise assuming too many delays were made.


Use of Factual Content

The film inserted Pearl Harbour’s history into it, featuring Benjamin participating in the war and being one of the survivors. Having such an important history in the film allowed easier identification for audience with the film. This also adds depth in the storyline which convinces people that there might really be a man who aged backwards and survived the Pearl Harbour attack.

The portrayal of the changes in culture over time was also accurate. Such as moving from the 40s Broadway influence with huge gramophone used as props to Brad Pitt riding on a motorbike wearing 60s kind of shades and clothes. Surely made the film more realistic.


Reversed Unfolding of Plot

Usually when a trouble in a film happens, it is followed by regrets expressed by the character. However, in this film it was the opposite. Benjamin expressed regrets and the “if only”s before Daisy met with the accident. This keeps audience in suspense, totally clueless that a misfortune is about to happen on the talented and successful dancer. Audience will then be able to sense the same anguish as Daisy feels when the accident happens. Such tugging of audience’s heart is a useful way of getting audience to be involved in the film, thus causing us audience to think it is a good film.


A Tinge of Humour

Allowing audiences to laugh prevents the film from falling into monotony. In this film, there were a couple of scenes that triggered laughters. One was when Benjamin was growing up going through puberty, with his old, wrinkled face, he flex his new developed muscles in the mirror with full of confidence. Another scene was when Benjamin was left to play with himself. He would take his little army soldiers and play like just any other boys would, making shooting sounds. This was funny as his face was the old and wrinkled one,  and it is funny to see an old-faced Benjamin doing such a kiddy thing. There were many more other humourous scenes too that really add flavour to the film. There were certainly not lame ones that would just turn people off.


Background music

I believe having an appropriate background music is important. It assists the execution of the mood. If done inappropriately, no matter how the backdrop is nicely plotted, the precise mood that is supposed to be expressed will not deliver. In this case, I think Alexandra Desplat did a great job for the film. 


So far these are the few characteristics that went through my mind during the film that I can recall. Man, I can’t wait for another movie to be as fantastic as this. The 3 hours was surely worthwhile.


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Omgg I didn’t scrutinize the movie until like thattt. Hahah

Comment by Nat

hahah. so did you notice them after watching for the 2nd time?

Comment by liatango

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