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Justice Over Mercy
14 November, 2008, 3:48 pm
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According to Islamic law, theft is punished by imprisonment or amputation of hands or feet. In this case, an 8 year old Iran boy was caught stealing bread from a market and was punished by crushing his hands with a lorry.










My heart goes out to this poor boy.


I wonder what if a non-Islamic tourist goes to Iran and steals something. Will his hands be crushed too?


Reference: Islamic Law – Penalty


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that is what i say, really cruel to the core.

Comment by SARAH

Please refer to the following article from

This is not a punishment according to Sharia Law but instead a street performance/magic show.

I highly suggest checking when coming across material such as this. While the pictures are true, the story accompanying them is inaccurate.

Comment by folknotions

well, I was quite shocked when I saw the picture. Imagine such an inappropriate punishment under Syariah Law. Thank God I’m not born in a muslim country. But then as commented above, it does seem as if it’s a street performance. Maybe some people just got carried away in spreading this story. Anyway, the other story about rape is SCARY.

Comment by josh

But then again I don’t know how reliable the link above and the story are. For the link, the picture taken of the boy is a sideview one. And it was not the side of the crushed arm. I guess it remains a mystery.

Comment by liatango

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