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My Calling As A Student
6 October, 2008, 11:57 pm
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Having gone through sessions of ‘A’ Level prayers in church, it sure made a difference in my attitude towards my studies. I realised that fear is NOT from God, as it says in 2 Timothy 1:7

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind.”

That promise of God kept showing up on the day of my ‘A’ level Music practical exam. It was normal for me to feel nervous before playing the piano for an important exam. In the morning, I was so anxious that both my arms stiffen up and it affected my playing and intepretation of the pieces while I was warming up in another room. I tried all ways to calm myself down, from convincing myself that this is just any other practical lesson I would be having to telling myself to trust God COMPLETELY. Until it was my turn to play, I could not help but to feel nervous. While standing outisde the room waiting for the examiners to evaluate the previous candidate’s playing, I paced up and down the corridor and started praying. I suddenly was reminded of that verse that was shared on Sunday. Immediately I calmed down and felt God’s presence. 😀


I told God that that my 25 minutes repertoire would be a form of worship to him. Though there’s no words like most worship songs, I knew that as long my heart was set right, it can be a form of worship to Him. What I am thankful for is that, I managed to play the piece, which I memorised, without any memory slips! For the past few mini tests I had, I never fail to forget at least a bar or a phrase. It was devastating to forget your notes in the midst of the playing as it shows you’re not prepared and will be hard to get back to the piece once stopping. I really thank God for pulling me through that piece. It was a BIG “PHEW!” after playing the final note.


Best of all, the lady (non-examiner) who was filming told my classmates that she liked my pieces the best. Though she is not musically inclined, I am glad that I was able to appear to sound nice even to people without music knowledge. About my overall grades, I guess I will never know because when the results are out, it will be a total of all the different papers. Nevertheless, I am glad to be able to have God in the centre of all these. 😀


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