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Seven Deadly Sins: Lust
21 September, 2008, 12:17 am
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How scary it is to see many people around displaying such enthusiasm for lust. Taglines you see everywhere that say, “Follow your heart”, “Oh don’t it just feels so right”, “Listen to your heart” and what not.


I saw a show on MTV the other day which was about two couples going on a blind date while their friends were the audience and critics of that date. In the process, their friends were given the permission to text them anytime to comment on the progress of the date and allowed to request for more “action”. One date moved towards mutual attraction and the other, one sided disgust. The attraction was due to the liking for each other’s “hot” bodies. (I really wonder what if they do end up as lifelong partners. More botox to maintain that “hotness”?) They’ll surely lose interest in each other if the attraction is so shallow. The other date had disgust due to the guy’s disinterest in the woman’s bony figure. How sad it is to see that people are judged for their looks and are shaken in their self-esteem just because the world do not accept their physical appearance. An appearance that no one can choose since birth. As the show proceeds, the audience just got so entertained by their friends responding to their requests. Requests such as to make out. The participants actually responded and their friends were happy for them. What kind of happiness is that based on? Happiness for their friends to feel accepted by another person just because of that intimate action? Pfft. If the feeling is so right at that moment, is it going to be just as right as any other moment, or even forever? Too many divorces these days. Too many adulteries committed. Knowing how much emotional turmoil it will cause, why do people not learn from other people’s mistakes but instead repeat them?


My take on being involved in a relationship is not to please my sinful human nature. To tell the world, “Look, don’t judge me, I’m just like you! I fit in!” No. I live for a higher purpose. When two get together, the purpose should simply be to support each other in their walk with God. Once this is the focus, I believe all things else will fall into place.


“Lust is meeting the needs of self at the expense of others. Love is meeting the needs of others at the expense of self.” – Ps Thomas


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This is what “reality t.v.” has done to us. We can now control the reality for our own entertainment. Real life becomes even more boring. Pretty soon we’ll expect to just walk around telling people what to do so that we can be entertained. I digress.

Lust is just one of those things we do naturally. Greed is another, and the two are often related. Kind David had dozens of wives, but he lusted after Bathsheba, and so stole the only wife that Uriah had. (Then eventually murdered him.) Lust is a stong drive; physical attraction exists for a reason, and that is to make sure we perpetuate the species. God couldn’t expect us to populate the earth just on his command; we weren’t following any of his other commands. Lust has always been around, we just recently invented text messages, web cams, etc.

Comment by Clark Bunch

wah. ah huey so matured now ar. haha. means got boyfriend alr? 😀

Comment by Jeriel

hahha i still think im quite immature lah. probably you just don’t see it. heh. and no writing that doesn’t mean i’m attached. don’t jump into conclusions!

Comment by liatango

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