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The Dark Knight
3 September, 2008, 12:46 am
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This show really sets one thinking about the root of human behaviour and reaction to situations. Batman wondered why Joker could not stop creating chaos in the city. Alfred answered that the root of his behaviour was simply his interest in dynamite and explosion. In another scene of the three ships having to make a life-and-death decision, whether to blow up the other boats in order to survive by being the last one standing, creates a suspense which is similar to watching “Saw”. This scene sets you thinking about the final decision each boat would make and why did they not choose the other.


Another thing on my mind surfaced from Harvey’s transition to Two-Face. Initially Harvey was a respectable man in the city. Picture this as a man being a strong believer of Christ. But when situation happens (like the death of Rachel, woman of Harvey’s life), the devil will wait for the right opportunity to pounce upon that wound and bring you down. (Joker got Harvey’s support for the destructive doings by emphasing on the unjust death of his girlfriend. This changed his way of thinking and his actions.) Subsequently, actions committed may seem logical to the person but in biblical perspective, it is actually wrong. (Similarly, Harvey’s mind was badly influenced by the Joker that revenge was the most logical thing for him to do to counter the problem. Obviously from a third party perspective, revenge is not the best solution to handle death, in fact, it worsens the situation.) If only the situation was handled with the right biblical measures, the problem will surely be overcome. (If only Harvey did not give in to Joker’s persuasions, he would not have taken the path of revenge that eventually cost him his life.)


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