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Samsung OMNIA
16 August, 2008, 11:19 pm
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To me, OMNIA causes insOMNIA. It is compressed with so many functions and even how tired a person may be, he or she will still insist on using it and thus, causing insOMNIA. I surely do not mind experiencing so because this is an ingenious gadget! It is like a complete package of the ideal piece of technology I wished for! It is SLEEK, has FIVE megapixel, it is fully BLACK (there is the white one too! just two colours and I am spoilt for choice because I usually go for these either colours when choosing a phone) It has access to the Internet! Functions that allow you to read word documents plus her other members (i.e. Microsoft Office – makes life SUPER convenient right.) Memory space is what? EIGHT… OR… SIXTEEN GIGABYTE. NOT mega, it is GIGA. That is exactly a thousand times bigger than my current phone? OH, and it is fully TOUCH SCREEN. (Another function that I am looking for in a phone) You can check out the video below if you still cannot identify with my excitement and are just polluted with skepticism.



Is it not more than just a phone?


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Comment by NAT

AHHH. I really hope too…! I’m very scared that if my hopes are toooo high and I’m disappointed then………………….


Comment by liatango

hey girl, how do u embed the youtube vid on your post? i’m interested to know. thanks!

Comment by Jeriel

just click on the icon that is beside the image button on the writing page and then paste the url of the youtube video site that you want!

Comment by liatango

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