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Noisy Crows
20 July, 2008, 12:18 am
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This is the time of the year when receives the largest number of reports on crow vocalizations as the socialization process of the young crows continues. It is also the time when the crows begin to form small roosting groups in the evening. Observers may note flights of crows all heading in one direction in late afternoon/evening or gathering in a group in the treetops. These gatherings are generally much smaller that the large winter communal roosts and we presume they serve as a sort of training ground for the sort of social interactions that occur later on when hundreds or thousands of crows gather in one location. One would also presume that the smaller roosts generally are comprised largely of crows closely related to each other by blood or mating and occupying territories adjourning or very close to each other.

Reference: A Crow’s Year


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Comment by Joel

WHAAAT. why all of a sudden?! i guess CPOD is more durable now. so any hope for repair?

Comment by liatango

late oct till mid nov! omg that’s o levelssssssss):

Comment by NAT

Oh sorry this is damn late.
repaired already though got some lasting effects that i am trying to get rid of

Comment by Joel

Oh yea listen to bread

Comment by Joel

funny, i mostly never notice crows screeching or flying overhead unless someone points it out.

Comment by josh

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