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World’s Future Ideal Appearance
20 June, 2008, 12:09 am
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My GP teacher once told me that now in Japan, males will look up to other males if he can fit into his girlfriend’s blouse. In other words, the skinnier you are, the more honourable you will be. This is just too gross. If this is true, I believe that in a few years time, the world will perceive this same idea. It just a matter of time and I wonder how the media is going to portray this until it infiltrates and corrodes the mind of people. Now I understand why elderly folks squint their eyes in disgust whenever they see a stick-thin woman. To the world, this is right size you should be, but to them, this woman is not productive and will never bear a child, let alone, a son to carry on the family line. I guess in the future I will be like these folks, rolling my eyes whenever I see a male that resembles a praying mantis in his girlfriend’s outfit.


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LYDIA! i was about to say i heard about this before and then as i was recalling where i heard it from, i realised you said it. haha. okay.

Comment by SARAH

hahaha. OKAAAY……

Comment by liatango

i think i can fit into most of the Jap girl’s clothings? hahaa and i’m NOT LIKE A PRAYING MANTIS.

Comment by Collin

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