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Education System Going 24/7
28 May, 2008, 5:04 pm
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What happens if the government decides to set up morning and night sessions of schooling to meet the needs of morning and night people respectively? I personally can see many advantages of it.


This will definitely maximise each person’s ability to study and absorb the knowledge that they are capable of and counters the problem/whines we often hear, “I’m just not a morning person!”. With the country having to run 24/7 (ie. streetlights, public services, etc. operating non-stop), it will reduce the crime rate as there will no longer be quiet and dangerous nights with more people awake. Economically, it is brilliant too as production and consumption in the country will never stop! (Wow, can you imagine?) Now, night shifts are never lonely again. Nurses, forex dealers, security guards, hotel managers (and the list just goes on), will not dread another night shift that they are cursed with. After this system ripens, these students who undergone the night education are nurtured to be at their best at night and with Singapore’s IR coming up, we surely need more nocturnals. Customer services and helplines especially, will operate 24/7 and people will have greater confidence in the night shifts people for they know, it is not another slacker, dozing off on the job.


Inevitably, there are just a few bad effects of this of course. There will no longer be peaceful nights, but think about it, even the afternoons when the city is still awake, seem to be quite sleepy too. Therefore, the morning breed’s sleep will not be affected. Also, a really weird division between the morning and night people will form, but fret not! With facebook and more healthy online interaction, eventually these two species will be able to meet. Unfortunately, the excitement of staying up through the night will be lost since the owls will say “No big deal, I’ve been doing that my whole life.”


And the question, “So how do you know if you’re a morning or night person at such a young age?” Well I say, this system can just start after the primary or lower secondary education and the true nocturnal will suffer slight “jet lag” if he or she decides to take the path of the night clan.


If such a revolution happens, the new generation will greet each other with “Hey, I’m from morning. How about you?” or “Eh, morning night? I morning.” (That is if our Singlish culture survives till then)


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