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Keeping the Same Attitude
20 May, 2008, 6:41 pm
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Picture yourself lying comfortably on your bed, ready to sink deep into slumber land. Next moment, you recalled that your phone is running out of battery. What are you going to do? Just ignore and charge it the next day? Surely, there will not be time with the morning rush. Knowing the goodness of charging your phone, you peeled yourself away from the soft mattress and dragged that gadget to the charger. It was worth all the effort for you know, this little action you did will save you from tonnes of missed calls and inconvenience you could have encountered the very next day.

Same thing goes for your daily walk with God. At times you may be shagged but still insist on opening the word. That portion of sleep you forgo cannot be compared to the time spent with Him for you know that only He will truly recharge you. Therefore, if you can have that attitude towards worldly possessions, why not God?


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heyhey! hahahaha someone finally got blog :X

Comment by Collin

HEY. hahha. yeaaaaah. but i shall be no ordinary one!

Comment by liatango

*it i mean!

Comment by liatango

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